How Office 365 can help your business

How Office 365 can help your business

Microsoft Office 365

In today’s world, most businesses need to be able to work in any location, at any time on any device. With Office 365, this provides the flexibility whilst keeping your business data secure.

So at this point, you are probably wondering how Office 365 could be any benefit for your business? Well let me explain a little further by breaking down the product.


What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a SAAS (Software as a service) platform which houses lots of different products that you may have already heard of or already run within your organisation. The best way to think of Office 365 is a subscription to a package for several business applications for your users to log in to providing them direct access to a vast variety of data and tools for their day to workings.


Why should I choose Office 365 for my organisation

By choosing Office 365, you can provide your staff the following,

  • Billing is done on a per user per month or year subscription basis, allowing businesses to scale up and down to meet their requirements.
  • Highly secure platform adhering to GDPR which will come into effect as of next year. (if you haven’t heard of GDPR, we will be releasing a new blog shortly to cover this)
  • Always available with a financially backed 99.9% SLA
  • Always run the latest versions of software and services
  • Give users access to enterprise services which used to only be financially viable to very large organisations.
  • Accessibly on any device at any time.

These are just a few of the benefits of using Office 365.

Now lets dive a bit deeper into the different solutions that Microsoft Office 365 can offer.



Microsoft Exchange Online            Exchange Online Office 365


Microsoft Exchange has been a real player in the market for many years providing business with a robust and secure email system. The great guys at Office 365 provide this solution, so if you do already have email servers on-premise, you can remove the burden of backups, maintenance and upgrades by shifting your emails to Exchange Online. Below, is a basic overview of the benefits of Exchange Online through Office 365,


  • 50-100GB mailbox limit per users, can very between package
  • Shared mailboxes are free – This are usually used for mailboxes such as info@ or sales@ that multiple people will access as a secondary mailbox.
  • Archive email storage- we no longer have to rely on creating our own archives and making sure they are backed up as this is all done in the cloud.
  • Enterprise grade anti-spam solutions which can catch SPAM and infected emails before they get delivered to the end user


SharePoint Online Sharepoint - Office 365

SharePoint online is a platform to allow users to easily collaborate on several different file types. The benefits of using SharePoint is that you can allow users to share files with other work colleagues, suppliers or even customers. I always remember how frustrating it was when a document would be sent around to a large number of users for review and then you would wait for the bombardment of emails with everybody’s revisions. This would then present one big issue… all changes didn’t match so an unlucky candidate would have to collate all the information to create a master document. Fear no more… users can now easily collaborate through a web browser and other users can see live changes as they happen.


Skype for Business Online Skype for Business - Office 365

You may remember or still use Skype at home to contact your friends and relatives. Well Skype for Business is the same solution, but yes you guessed… its the business version. So what makes this so great compared to normal Skype. Below is a breakdown of some of the great features of Skype for Business.


  • Can be used as a fully fledged phone system for your business including some great features such as,
    • Auto attendant – Create your own switch board to help better manage your calls.
    • Call queues – When your users are on the phone, calls will get dropped into a queue ready for the next available person to pick up the call.
    • Users can manage their own call forwarding and pick up calls using the Skpe for Business mobile app whilst on the go
  • Full HD video conferencing where you can have an audience of up to 250 people.
  • Desktop sharing for presenting your screen or documents to anybody you like whilst on a conference.
  • Internal and external instant messaging with free/busy availability

Microsoft Office 2016 

With Office 365 you can provide users with the latest version of Microsoft Office for their computer, tablet and mobile phones. Below is a breakdown of a few of the benefits.

  • Always have the latest version of Microsoft Office
  • Users can install on a mixture of 5 laptops, computers and Mac’s
  • Users can install on a mixture of 5 tablets
  • Users can install on a mixture of 5 mobile phones

The above is a very high level break down of what services are available through an Office 365 subscription. On our next blog we will talk more in depth on the benefits of Skype for Business.

In the mean time, if you would like to find out more information regarding Office 365 or would even like a demo – please get in touch.

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